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GRE写作官方题库高频ARGUMENT题目满分范文分享:preserve century-old tradition of all-female education

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GRE写作官方题库高频ARGUMENT题目满分范文分享:preserve century-old tradition of all-female education图1


The president and administrative staff of Grove College, a private institution, made the following recommendation to the college's governing committee:

"We recommend that Grove College preserve its century-old tradition of all-female education rather than admit men into its programs. It is true that a majority of faculty members voted in favor of coeducation, arguing that it would encourage more students to apply to Grove. But eighty percent of the students responding to a survey conducted by the student government wanted the school to remain all female, and over half of the alumni who answered a separate survey also opposed coeducation. Keeping the college all-female, therefore, will improve morale among students and convince alumni to keep supporting the college financially."


In this memo Grove College's administration recommends preserving its tradition of admitting only female students. The administration admits that most faculty members are in favor of a co-educational policy but the administration defends its recommendation by citing a student government survey in which 80% of student respondents and more than 50% of alumni respondents reported that they favor the current policy. The administration reasons that preserving the status quo would improve student morale and help ensure continued alumni donations to Grove. While the argument seems sensible, it is flawed in several critical respects.


本段采用了标准的Argument开头段结构,即:C – E - F的开头结构,首句概括原文的C(Conclusion)。接下来的一句话概括了原文为了支持他的结论所引用的E(Evidence)。最后尾句中给出开头段到正文段的过渡句,指出原文在逻辑上存在F(Flaw)。


本段作为Argument开头段,具体功能就在发起攻击。首先,概括原文的结论:Grove College(简称G)推荐表持只录取女学生的传统。接下来分别列举了原文为了支持这个结论引用的证据:survey表明80%的学生参与者以及50%的校友参与者支持现在的政策,administration认为维持现状可以提升学生士气并获得校友的持续捐助,论据的归纳用于铺垫出正文段的具体攻击。最后点出原文存在逻辑错误,引出后面的分析。

GRE写作官方题库高频ARGUMENT题目满分范文分享:preserve century-old tradition of all-female education图2

First, the statistical reliability of the survey itself comes into question. If a disproportionate number of the survey's respondents were newer students, then the survey results would distort the student body's opinion as a group. With respect to the alumni survey, perhaps fewer alumni who donate substantial sums to Grove responded to the survey than other alumni did. If so, then the survey results would distort the comparison between the total amounts of future donations. Besides, the memo provides no information about what percentage of Grove's students and alumni responded to the surveys.





Secondly, the administration hastily assumes that Grove's alumni, as a group, would be less inclined to donate money if Grove begins admitting male students. This aspect of Grove's admission policy is only one of many factors that might affect alumni donations. For example, since Grove's faculty are generally in favor of changing the policy, perhaps the change would improve faculty moral and therefore the quality of instruction would increase. Perhaps, in the case of overall academic improvement (which could hypothetically occur as a result of the change) alumni would be even more included to offer financial support. So, if the particular alumni who are in a position to make the largest contributions are presented with an argument that establishes a link between faculty morale and overall improvement, an increase in donations by these individuals could occur.





GRE写作官方题库高频ARGUMENT题目满分范文分享:preserve century-old tradition of all-female education图3

Finally, the administration's argument that student morale would improve under the status quo is logically unsound in two respects. First, the administration provides no reason why morale would improve, as opposed to remaining at its current level, if the status quo is simply maintained. Second, the administration cannot really predict how the morale of the student body would be affected by a policy change.







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