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2015最新GRE ISSUE作文每日一练(11月12日)



Scandals-whether in politics, academia, or otherareas-can be useful.They focus our attention onproblems in ways that no speaker or reformer evercould.




Scandals occur in nearly every field that humanset foot in, both revealed and incubative.Once people recognize that the person they adoredyesterday is actually a liar by the exposednesses of his scandal, the first reaction may beanger, sorrow and depression.However, if rational rethinking and remediation have been takenafter the reports of scandals, actually greater progresses can always be achieved compared withthe efforts made by the daily boring speeches made by speakers and reformers.

Scandals can clearly show us the hidden unreasonable and unjust regulations, thereforeadministers or the public can adjust or even correct those errors. After the Watergate Event,not only President Nixon lost his job, but further influence was conducted by the public andmedium. They realized that the problem of the abuse of power which was neglected in thepast. As a result, a closer scrutiny upon the high officials of government prevents them fromabusing their power any longer. Recently, the filthy relationship between Juventus Club andseveral references was publicized by medium, which shocked the football circle by those largeholes in the institutions of football league and thus forced the Italia Football Association to takeactions towards Juventus, references and the ill institutions. While Juventus has been deprivedthe former championship, a series of more appropriate regulations have at last been addedinto the football systems. There is no denying that those scandals indeed prohibit the dailyoperations and developments of certain fields to some extent, but these deleterious effectscan be temporary, if proper measures have been done immediately. In this case, scandals maybecome stimulations that can provoke the awareness of the emergency of the scandals, whichis necessary for establishment of an ultimate solutions to the present problems.

Furthermore, compared with the accomplishments endowed by the professional speakersand reformers, the progresses made by the aftereffects of scandals are often more significantand fast. A scandal maker usually has his position in high status, which grants him powergreat enough to make his underground and illegal behavior so harmful and astonishing that itcan be called a scandal. Before their scandals have been known to the public, they are generallyadmired and trusted by their superiors and inferiors, as well as the medium and public.Therefore, it is difficult or even impossible for speakers and reformers to win the battle againstthose scandal makers and their inequitable laws or regulations without the support of anyone.No one believes or even pays attention on whatever the speakers and reformers assert, if thescandal makers are trying to cover up those events by their power and trust they gained atthe same time. Consequently those errors remain forever. Once the secrets of the scandalmakers give away, however, their aura fades, legends evaporate, so does the trust and powerendued. Under such circumstances that all sides feel unsatisfied and disappointed, it is mucheasier for reformers to draw the focus on their ameliorative allegations towards the long existedproblems, and thus, the improvements can be made. Perhaps it may be strange to accept theironic conclusion that scandals do play a more vital role in healing the morbid system of acertain realm than those reformers do sometimes, but oftentimes it is scandal that helps thereformers a lot to strike their targets, which leads to a future primary achievements forsociety.

Despite the forgoing contributions of scandals, they are not without its apparentproblems. Hypersensitive worries may lead serious disorders or even disasters. A thresholdtrouble is about the excessive revealment of privacies of the officials, stars, or other personswho were doubted to have scandals. This was often done by some so-called responsiblemediums in the name of observation the social problems. As a result, the bothered officials orthe stars can hardly utilize their full abilities to fulfill their tasks or jobs. Just to meet thecuriosity of the public so that they can bolster their sales and profits, these mediums'detective behaviors will inevitably bring about disorders to those who in charge in some areas.Secondly, overstatements of the grave effects of scandals may shadow the contributions ofthe scandal makers unfairly. Although Clinton was accused by his rose event, his dedicationtowards the resuscitation and prosperity of America's economy during his term of officecannot be denied. If his fault was overemphasized present, he may have to resign immediately,and his economic ability can no longer serve the society,which is an obvious loss of the society.

To be just, I acknowledge that most people hate to witness scandals happening aroundthem. What is more, recessions and the private violations always come along withscandals.Nevertheless, seeing from another angle, if the scandals are in fact ineluctable, it maybe wiser to bravely face with the extant problems. We should find them out and then correctthem rather than simply denying their existence.


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